This is a cool song for my yoga playlist until I heard the words.

Yogis:  Did this happen to you? You are in the middle of your practice, on your way to a blissful dharana when suddenly some random words to a song with WTF lyrics jabs you out of your practice?

The scenario above is the reason I do not use the songs below for my yoga class, despite that I love the melody, the percussion, the arrangement… until I listened to the lyrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I like these songs so much, it’s really a shame that I find the lyrics ‘inappropriate’ for a yoga class. In the meantime, I suppose I can use the songs below to make a kick ass playlist for my home practice.

What songs would you add to my ‘song is cool but lyrics not so good for yoga’ playlist? Would you mind hearing any of those songs in your yoga class?

1) Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand

Awesome melody, cool beat, fun, right? Then I listened to the words and realized it was a song about assassination. It’s not a song about take me out to play, but take me out as in killing me. Just slightly too disturbing for yoga.

2) Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

I heard this played in a yoga class. I thought the music was cool. Another fun song until I realized that this is a song about a kid who is planning a killing spree. OK, not too cool for yoga. Notice how this song and the previous song are cool tunes about murder?

3) Rolling in the Deep- Adele

I love this song, and so want to play it for yoga. But, this song is about suffering from a painful break up, about being still emotionally attached to the ex. This song might trigger painful memories and therefore potentially distracting for a yoga class. I love Adele, I love her songs, and it’s a shame I can’t use more of her music for yoga class.

4) Stop Me- Mark Ronson

I really like this remake- nice beat and vocals. But once again this song is about a heartbroken bloke who is self-destructive. We’ve all been there but I am not sure if yoga class is a good place to revisit this suffering.

5) Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd

A slow, melancholic tune supposedly inspired by the mental breakdown of Pink Floyd’s founder, Syd Barrett. Too depressing.

6) Alive- Pearl Jam

My favorite song in the 90s and my favorite Pearl Jam song. I could not figure out what this song is about for the longest time, and upon research I discovered it’s a song about a boy who did not know his biological father. Some interpret the song is also about an incestuous encounter with this mother. Not too good for yoga class.

7) Bizness- Tuneyards

Really cool beat afro-beat on this song. I actually saw this song as a free download at a yoga blog site. This is a toss up. Some have interpreted this as a song about addiction, others took it literally and interpreted this song as about a robbery. I just don’t feel comfortable playing  a song with the verse “I am a victim, yeah. Don’t take my life away. Don’t take my life away”

8) Original Bedroom Rockers- Kruder and Dorfmeister

This piece is actually mostly without words. Great beat, nice groove, until the deep male voice blurting “yeah baby” Eeew, it sounds tacky. If I knew “Yeah Baby” was going to be inserted somewhere, I would not have downloaded this song.

9) Bad Things- Lal Meri

This talented band plays electronica world fusion with Indian influence. Bad Things is one of their best songs. Unfortunately, this is a “I hate my ex” song and remembering “all the bad things you made me do” so, not so useful for yoga class. Otherwise, it’s a great song to listen to.

10) Mad World- Gary Jules

I really like this quiet, haunting, and depressing song. Piano arrangement is beautiful. Memorable lyrics: “The dreams in which I am dying, are the best I’ve ever had”  Another beautiful song too ‘depressing’ for yoga.