That’s what I call real yoga

photo by: lizjones112

When was the last time you danced without abandon?

Like no one was watching?

Really, without care, without thought, just dancing, getting into the music. I don’t think I’ve ever danced like that in my entire adult life. Sure, I ‘threw my hands in the air and waved them like I didn’t care’. But, that was in Tijuana during my college days with the assistance of beer and tequila shots. And, I danced as though that cute guy was watching. Even during my only Trance Dance class, I danced like someone was watching. I danced like I was watching.

One of my good friends posted a video of her daughter dancing to Shakira’s  Ojos Asi. She stamped her little feet,  twirled her little body 360, gyrated her shoulders, waved her little hands, jazz fingers and all.  She created her groovy belly dance Bollywood fusion.

The whole time, this little girl never looked into the camera. She probably didn’t know her mom was filming her.

It occurred to me: She was completely Present. 

Present, as the whole point of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, bliss… you know, all that good stuff.  Before me was this 6-year-old girl who does not know she is already a yoga teacher, demonstrating ‘being present’. Maybe it is a child’s innocence, maybe it is her overwhelming cuteness, her dancing brought on a sense of nostalgia of simply having fun and not even being aware that she is ‘present’. (mindfully unmindful, ha!)

Just dancing, moving, smiling, enjoying.

That’s what I call Bliss.